one year here


How quickly it comes around, I have already spent one year here in this little corner of the internet. This little space of mine. I feel we should have cake!

one year here

I have been pondering what this space means to me for a while. I don’t think of myself as a blogger, I’m not sure what I think a blogger is as technically writing this means I am blogging,  but I know I don’t feel like I am one. I spent the first 6 months here trying to find my feet while not treading on anyone elses… Finding a voice in a huge world of blogs. I have learned that this space is evolving in much the same way as my Instagram gallery does and that is just the way I like it. I adore this corner of the internet and all the wonderful opportunities that it has brought during its first year but more than that I LOVE the journey along the way.

So this week my space turns 1. I started with the most uninspiring words known to man, I like to think I have at least improved on the first thing I posted because look, I didn’t even include a photo?! Yes you heard me right, she who speaks in photos didn’t upload one. Sigh.

I haven’t reached any conclusions or long term revelations about this (I’m sooo not calling it a blog) space yet though I can tell you that I love it here. Maybe we can call it a journal…? Like many things in my life I stepped sideways into journaling with an ounce or more of WordPress bafflement and no specific goals. Over this first year I have found my feet and generally assume I am chatting to myself (hello out there! Can you hear meeeee…) because it’s easier to be honest when it’s just me & the computer. I definitely now have a much clearer idea of which direction I want this space to go in, of posts I want to include, of people who I’d love to have conversations with here. I have plans.

One of the things I love most about this space is being able to expand on the single photo + caption that is Instagram’s format and with Instagrams latest plans I feel like change is afoot and only time will tell how that will effect the way we share there… Here though I love being able to explore a subject further or to create a photo story. Visual storytelling as they call it. And here I can use photographs I take that don’t necessarily fit in my Instagram gallery because I curate it so carefully. I adore the conversation posts, I have chatted to some amazing people over this first year and have been creatively inspired by them over and over again.

Like so many blogs journals, mine was a long time in the ‘thinking’ because for some reason taking those first steps felt overwhelming. That said once you start the process it’s amazing how absorbing it is tweaking until it looks perfect, making it feel how you want it to feel and say what you want it to say. I guess it becomes your story for want of a better word. I really wanted it to say more about me than ‘I like photo’s’. Learning to write it is taking time…

If you are thinking about setting up a ‘journal’, like so many of us who put it on the shelf for a long while until we finally take the plunge, then I would encourage you to read this post by Jules. It’s definitely a steep learning curve and oh-so-much-fun to have your own corner of the internet and here Jules has shared some practical advice for getting started. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way, I still do regularly, and Mr Search Engine has helped me more times than I can remember with everything from how to set up a slide show to how to migrate my entire blog from one web host to another (choose carefully, not all hosts are brilliant as I found to my offline horror). It’s been FUN though! So much fun.

And it would be wrong to finish without saying another THANK YOU for your visiting me here, the comments you leave always brighten my day. 

Here’s to another year of learning!

Julia x

P.S. Blog is such an ugly word. I think that’s why I dislike it. Blogger sounds even uglier…



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  1. Well Happy Birthday Humphrey & Grace! I love your posts and your thoughtful writing as much as I love your photos. And so happy that it’s all flowing for you and that you’ve found your groove. My little space has been rather neglected of late – my mojo has gone for a very long wander, along with my energy. But there’s no rush, hey! Z xx

  2. Thanks so much for posting, Julia. Always so nice to read your thoughts.
    P.S. ‘Blogas’ in Lithuanian means ‘bad’. So at first it was too weird to see this word all around haha. I love your journal xo

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