on photography – the eCourse


I believe that photography is for everyone. It is easily accessible to many and it really doesn’t matter what your starting point is. I also don’t think it matters what kind of camera you use because there is as much to be said for training your eye to see the photograph you want to take, as there is for learning the technical details of photography. Having the best equipment will not help you capture those moments if you haven’t taught your eyes to see them.

I also believe you do not need a degree to understand photography. I have been photographing life since I was a teenager and – aside from two short courses on photography and film processing – am mostly self taught.

There is a lot of technical information out there, maybe even too much. For me though, at the centre of great photography is not just knowledge of exposure and focus, but heart. And this is a theme that will be central on my eCourse.

so why choose this e-course?

This eCourse is for anyone looking to tell a story through their photography. Whether to capture a family moment, keep a holiday memory or save details of the everyday, we will look at making the best of your captures and focus on photographing with intent.

In this course I will take you through the basics of photography. Yes, some of this is available for free in my online resources  and if you haven’t downloaded them already, I would suggest you begin with them as I will be building on their foundations in this course.

This course will be interactive with further learning and there will be the opportunity to share your photography within it. We will look to hone your individual photographic voice – your signature style.

Over 6 weeks we will look at a range of subjects, including homework each week and a closed community that will hopefully build to include students both past and present. For the moment we are at the beginning so it will rely on your input too, think of it as a virtual photo album where we can share our trials and errors along the way. And we should begin to see some progress too!

This network is going to be an important part of the process and I recommend your taking part in it to maximise the experience. We can all learn something from each other no matter what your experience may be up to now.

What to expect on the e-course

6 weeks, 6 topics. From getting to know your camera and some manual photography settings – because that’s fundamental – to capturing moments with meaning. There will also be an element of editing and technical information along the way.

Each week you will receive an email with a link to the weeks topic. There will be access to the closed social media group where you can share your work, or not, it will be up to you. You will also have direct contact with me should you want it! The course will be password protected and only available to those who enrol upon it, more information on this will be available once it is available to purchase in December.

The course will remain open to those enrolled for 30 days after completion, during which time I will also remain in contact if required.

registration will open in December – please sign up to my newsletter via the subscription box for release dates and information

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