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OK, fancy a giggle? I have been organising my cloud based storage recently and unearthed the BEST collection of old Instagram photos all of which I actually posted. Honestly, I am not making this up, just have a look at these!! The filters and borders at which I excelled… Proving absolutely that I have, if nothing else, improved my photography & editing over the last three to four years. Do I get a certificate…?

old instagram - I'd still post this one

I am posting this to give you a laugh, encourage you – hopefully – and to let you know that anyone can improve (I mean, the fire engine, what was I even thinking?!) Sigh. I promise Anna is a happy child, how many grumpy photos did I take and whyyyyy? I had so much fun compiling this lot, laugh away, I’m laughing with you.

4 years after I downloaded the app I think I’ve found my style. I finally have a username I am happy with (@juliabump is long gone, I was pregnant when I downloaded the app, genius name hey? @juliabesidethesea now posting photos from beside the sea, yes I think I’m clever and also know I’m not really). On with editing colours that look real and NOT using filters.

You know what though, I’d still post  the image at the top, I do love a sunset sky…

Julia xx


8 comments on “Old Instagram”

  1. Oh yes, the early shots are brilliant aren’t they?! I had a thing for Nashville borders. I even made a Blurb book of them in 2011 – well worth a giggle now. Mine are still there – can’t imagine anyone would ever want to scroll that far back (please don’t!)….

  2. Aww look at wee little Anna! So precious! I think this is a sweet collection of early IG photos. I haven’t deleted many. Left up for the giggling pleasure of millions around the world.

  3. Haha I think we are all guilty of some of this. I’m still using the same account and have been tempted to go through my account and delete a load of the photos I’m no longer happy with. But then to be honest I think it shows how much my photography has improved. When Instagram first surfaced we were all obsessed with the filters and borders. I can’t even remember the last time I used one of those now x x

    1. Thanks Gem, These photos are like a right of passage aren’t they? We all have them and they’re a great reminder of where we started and how far we have come. To keep or delete on Instagram is the question, I am happy to have them in dropbox and not my gallery I have to say…

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