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Of Simple Things


Instagram is a community based app. It’s one of the best things about it. During my time there I have taken part in and created so many hashtags and hubs that it feels almost wrong to not currently be hosting one. In a phase when it feels like engagement is harder than ever before I really want to create a wider community. To fill it with your photos, not mine.

When I began #collectedsaturday more than 18 months ago I wanted to create a new community. And for that community to be all inclusive without niche. In a way it was successful in that the posts shared encompassed so many styles and types. But by naming it so specifically and only using one day of the week it met its limits – and a certain amount of confusion as to its purpose. It ran its course beautifully for a while, then I decided to let it carry on without sharing grids and favourites earlier this year.

Since then I have been mulling over a better way to carry forward the idea since (for me at least) that is what Instagram is about. Finding like minded folk. Finding inspiration and encouragement from all over the world has been the one of the most amazing parts of my Instagram experience.

In spring this year I began a new hashtag #forahappymoment and it’s been adopted by many, another test run for me and an encouraging one at that. But again I was not 100% sold on the name… Some proof though – if it were needed – that a generic tag is something we love! How quickly and without my ‘selling it’ has it reached tens of thousands of posts…

So. I finally settled on a tag I love that encompasses, well, anything and everything. No niche, no box to fit. I have created a page of the same name and would be absolutely thrilled for you to join this new community. I would love to see and share your photos there.

Of Simple Things. Named so as one of my very first biographies read ‘enjoying the little things’ (the one before read ‘a head full of fluffy clouds’, that was and always will be my favourite but it’s not exactly a professional sounding biography now is it?) and while the name is not exactly the same, the premise is. It’s about noticing the little details and being thankful for them, however small. They don’t have to be fancy or perfect to be beautiful. Appreciating the simple things in the everyday is something I feel is so important.

I’d love to see you there, for you to use #ofsimplethings to share whatever moves you and soon enough I will share a collection of them here. I’m hoping it will be a place of inspiration and encouragement. I’m excited to see what happens!

J x


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