my story


I am Julia. I am a (mostly) self taught photographer.

I guess you could say my online journey actually began on Instagram in 2013, when I started regularly posting images to my gallery. I have always loved photography and photographs – and being encouraged to explore photography after leaving it be for some years by so many amazing Instagrammers – I picked up my phone and started snapping again.

Not so much later and feeling inspired to improve, I bought my first, very basic DSLR camera. I learned it inside out and began editing my photos with apps on my phone, gradually moving on to editing software on my computer. A camera upgrade and an awful lot of practice later, it is fair to say I adore photography. I find the immediacy of it immensely satisfying and capturing moments has become something I can’t imagine being without. Another camera upgrade – or two – and I am still hooked!

You see I am all about the moments in life. Even – especially – the simple moments are to be cherished as things move and change so fast don’t they? And photography gives me a way to capture the moments that speak to me.

In 2015 I began writing posts on improving photography and images for Instagram. I believe photography is for anyone who is interested and it really doesn’t matter where you start. Or how much equipment you may or may not have. Encouragement is my aim and if you are looking to work on your photography, maybe I can help?!

I regularly share photography related posts here & have created a series of free, downloadable photography resources for you to use at your leisure. I also run a six week eCourse on photography. You can find all the details here.

When not writing in my journal, you may well find me over on Instagram as @humphreyandgrace .

Humphrey & Grace the website actually started life as a shop in early 2014, nothing big, just a small selection of the hand sewn items I make. However time and a (then) toddler ran away with me so this space evolved into words and pictures, two of my very favourite things. The shop is still ticking away in the background and over time has been keeper of many things. You can find it here.

In my journal you will find more of the things I love, from family to travel to excellent people and things.

Beyond all this, I also work as a photographer taking images for websites and social media. My portfolio is currently undergoing a bit of a  renovation but it’ll be back soon!

Oh yes, and if you were wondering who Humphrey and Grace are, it’s pretty simple. My husband has spent most of his working life at – is now a partner at – a company whose name includes Humphrey. Grace is my middle name. Him & me, H & G.

Whatever brought you to my website, welcome! Enjoy

Julia x