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This year I have noticed my (now 40 year old) skin changing. It’s a little more temperamental than it was shall we say. I don’t mind the wrinkles much but I am perhaps not so keen on the dryness and tendency to redness. My skin has always been sensitive and managing that forms a part of my daily routine. So when given the chance to try a skincare package specifically tailored for me by My Blend, I was curious to see how their products would suit my skin.

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A change of seasons and a back to school runs routine brings the need for a new skincare regime with it. One to suit the environmental and lifestyle factors that now present themselves. In winter my skin always feels drier, perhaps due to the central heating indoors and often windy/wet/cold weather outdoors. I have a small patch of eczema below my lip which flares up when it gets cold too. It is unsightly and uncomfortable and if there is any way to lessen the likelihood of it reappearing then I’m happy to give it a go.

The initial skin type diagnosis is done easily enough online. Given that they have no spa’s based in the UK as yet, this works perfectly! After completing the ‘skin diag’ the relevant bases and boosters will be suggested. They can then be purchased online and arrived through the post soon after. Such a simple system all done from the comfort of my home! I received a cleanser, day cream and night cream. Also included in my package were 4 boosters which can be added to the creams, in my case two for each. You then use the cleanser and moisturiser day and night.

The concept is simple yet clever as ultimately the combination of products is a unique one suited to you and your skin. And the possible combinations of products is enormous! I have been using the cleanser and moisturisers daily now for around 10 days and they are gorgeous. My skin feels hydrated and calm (believe me this isn’t always the case, so it’s a welcome feeling) and ready to face the English weather at it’s worst!

You can find My Blend online here.

J x

my blend | humphrey & grace

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  1. Love the sound of this! My skin has been just awful since Oscar and l worry lack of sleep etc is really ageing me :( Must invest in some of the good stuff! Lovely photos as always J xx

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