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I have been on the lookout for an open leather bag to hold my laptop and other essentials for some time now. A simple bag to take out and about. That is how I came to meet Misoui on Etsy, hand made minimalistic leather goods of beautiful design, carefully produced with attention to every detail by Ewa in a small workshop in Warsaw’s Old Town.

meet Misoui

Ewa studied Art in both Poland and England and after working for a fashion magazine, has an understanding of style and design which is evident in her products.

Ewa’s bags and accessories are simple, understated and beautiful. She uses only the best quality material sourced carefully to meet her standards. Furthermore the hand made process means each piece is unique, the leather takes on a character of it’s own. For me at least, that is also part the appeal. The leather is hand dyed with plant based dye, then finished with natural oils. You can read more about the creative process here.

Misoui aim to minimise their ecological footprint further by utilising every scrap of fabric for accessories. Everything has a meaning, purpose or intention.

For me, knowing a product is hand made down to the minutest detail, that each stitch and stamp has been meticulously placed, the attention to detail you will not necessarily find on the high street, is enough to mean I would choose hand made over mass produced wherever possible. It is an ethos I buy into entirely.

If you are wondering, the bag I fell in love with and am now the happy owner of is this one here… Misoui also have an online shop (in addition to their Etsy store) the details of which you will find below.

Julia x

Meet Misoui

Website –

Instagram – @misouibrand

All photos used in this post are by Misoui and Tola Martyna Piotrowska



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