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Last month I mentioned briefly that I was invited by local (to me) artist Jessica Zoob to attend a small gathering previewing her latest and largest work to date. Jessica’s studio is located just outside Lewes and is a large, light filled space guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face.

Inspired in part by the incredible landscape just outside the studio windows and also by her travels, Jessica paints as much with texture as colour. For me her work also stirs the emotions as much as the senses. In a word they make me happy.

I feel I should begin by saying that visiting an artists studio is largely a visual experience and for that reason I will mostly fill this post with photos.

Where this plan falls short and what you may need to imagine is the beautiful scent of paint. It transports me right back to art college and will forever be one of my favourite smells. Think of that what you will! And then for an open studio think also of a buzz in the air, the hum of several conversations and a studio filled with light and  laughter. It was uplifting from the moment I walked through the door.

Jessica’s use of colour and texture is incredible, her paintings often explore landscapes both literal and emotional. My personal favourite on display in the studio is in the store room at the back and is of a local landscape. Living so close to the South Downs constantly inspires me and they often feature in my photographs. I guess this connection through Jessica’s paintings is something I find both familiar and comforting.

Not to mention that the colours are also some of my favourites. Jessica has plenty of her works on display and they are of all shapes and sizes from tiny paintings on board to those big enough to fill an entire wall.

I am purposely not trying to describe Jessica’s work too much as I believe interpretation of any art is subjective. I know what I feel when I see these images and I want you to feel your own feeling rather than the ones I share with you.

I love the incidental details around the studio. The suggestion that this a place of creativity and expression. The colours. Oh yes the colours. Did I mention them more than once already…? I could just surround myself with them all day every day thank you very much.

Jessica’s latest painting, the one we were invited to preview, is actually painted over 7 canvases. The painting takes a journey across them. It really should be seen in the flesh to fully appreciate the scale of it and it is impossible to fit into one photograph, so instead here are some in sections…

Jessica Zoob – Open studio

Jessica is hosting another open studio this coming weekend and I really encourage you to go along if you are at all able. Whether original paintings or paper prints may be your thing, Jessica has work to suit all budgets. One of her latest ideas is that of paintings printed on to three different kind of metal panels, they’re really beautiful! I hope you are able to go and experience these paintings for yourself and to meet the lovely Jessica too.

Jessica’s studio will be open on 20th + 21st May and is located at Banff Farm, Upper Clayhill, BN8 5RR

You can also find a little more information on her website here.

a giveaway

Coming soon I am really excited to be sharing a giveaway of one of Jessica’s prints. I’ll be back with more on this soon but in the meantime, I hope you’ll pop over and introduce yourself to Jessica through one of the links below, she’s a really lovely soul.

J x

the links

instagram @jessicazoobart
twitter @jessicazoobart


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  1. Such beautiful work, the colours and textures throughout are wonderful. Looking forward to the giveaway.

  2. Gorgeous photos Julia! I adore Jessica’s work – her colour palette is so beautiful. I really loved the hints of gold and the luminescence of her latest work. I was sorry to miss this gathering, but so glad I got to visit her studio. Looking forward to the giveaway :)

    1. Thank you Zöe, it’s such a pleasure to photograph Jessica’s studio isn’t it?! I loved the gold too, so tricky to capture the way the light moves on the canvases isn’t it? xx

  3. So beautiful Julia! It reminds me of the day of the preview! It’s funny how particular smells can take you back to past moments of your life. And love your photos, especially the small details :) Dx

    1. Thank you Dörte, it was such a lovely day wasn’t it?! Gorgeous to finally meet you too. It’s always a smell that takes me straight back to a certain time in my life, I’m sure we all have similar triggers and associations for ourselves. Happy memories x

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