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A good nights sleep is a distant memory. Almost 14 years of motherhood have completely changed my sleep patterns and random wakings have become such a long standing part of my nights that even when the children sleep well, I don’t.

a good nights sleep | humphrey & grace

I am acutely aware of how much time we spend lying in bed. From reading bedtime stories with my youngest to winding down with a book of my own, the night starts early and we are often in and out of bed from mid evening.

For me there is also often a time of wakefulness in the middle of the night with more regularity than I care to admit. Some nights I am awake briefly, other nights I watch 2am crawl around to 3am and oh how slowly it reaches 4am as I get myself more and more worked up until I eventually drift back to sleep as it is growing light outside – only to be woken too soon afterwards by the gentle sound of our alarm. These strange sleep patterns began easily enough, babies wake often and need attention. Toddlers usually wake less often but there is still an element of them needing you in the night. And the problem is, for me at least, I just can’t get back to sleep after one of these middle-of-the-night stints.

To this end, how comfortable our mattress is has become a really important thing. Aches and pains have no place here when they can be avoided as the groggy lack of sleep feeling is enough to cope with. And so when Leesa offered to send me one of their foam mattresses to try I happily agreed. Leesa say their mattresses are designed for all sleepers and body shapes, that’s a great start, it also contours to the body as you lie on it so providing pressure relief. The mattress is made up of three layers of foam, you can read about it here and arrives rolled up in a relatively small (but heavy) box. Negotiating it up the stairs is undeniably easier than a king sized sprung mattress, especially when your stairs involve two 90º corners like ours do and then unwrapping the mattress is strangely fascinating as it kind of inflates before your eyes.

Now I have to admit I don’t recall having slept on a foam mattress since I was myself a baby and clearly I don’t remember that at all. The most noticeable change from our sprung mattress is that a memory foam mattress feels different. It shapes so nicely to your body and since there are no springs to aid your movement or make uncomfortable spots, once you’re in there’s not so much tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. Truthfully there is a period of adjustment as the mattress is very different to a sprung one, though not in a bad way. The first few nights weren’t a complete success for sleep + me but it is improving! The good news is that Leesa offer a 100 night trial of their mattresses with a collection service should you decide it’s not for you and want to return it. I guess this both recognises that it may take a little getting used to and at the same time demonstrates their confidence that during the 100 day period you will be convinced. I can’t tell you how I feel after 100 days yet as I have only had the mattress for a week but I can say that I am (not so) secretly loving it already.

Simplicity is a key part of Leesa’s concept. You can mail order the mattress, it is delivered straight to your door. You can try it out and if it’s not for you then you can return it. No gimmicks, just a confidence in their product. I have high hopes for more comfortable nights!

a good nights sleep | humphrey & grace

There is a glimmer of hope for a good nights sleep again. I do know that there comes an age when children wake less and need us infrequently if at all during the night. I haven’t given up on changing my sleep patterns again, of sleeping more than 3-4 hours at a time. Until such times though at least I will be as comfortable as can be while I try not to watch the clock and count the sleepless hours…

Julia x

Leesa’s website can be found at

a good nights sleep | humphrey & grace

this post was kindly sponsored by Leesa, all thoughts and opinions are very much my own


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  1. Such a great post Julia, and my sleep cycles are ruined too, I often lay awake for hours in the night. It’s funny how having kids does that to you! You’re right about a good mattress helping though! Xx

    1. Thanks Hannah! It will change again, I can remember that couple of years between Ed turning 5 and Anna being born was quite a nice time for sleeping through the night!! One day it’ll be back xx

  2. What a gorgeous post Julia! I too struggle with my sleep and it’s relentless and exhausting! Your styling on these photos is so lovely – and I was just looking at your post on renovating your home – stunning! xx

    1. Thanks Jules, the sleep patterns of motherhood are horrible aren’t they? And thank you for the lovely words about my home, it’s very much a work in progress… xx

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