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Have you heard of a place called Good Earth? If not, please let me introduce you. Based in India they offer a beautiful range of homewares, many of which are hand crafted and bring a little of the East to us in the West through fragrance, colour and materials. Their ranges explore myths, crafts, culture (and much more besides) and are evocative of distant shores.

I particularly love the tablewares. Most have vibrant colours and patterns, though my favourite are some with a more subtle design like the range above named Haiku. I particularly like the Tea Set, Stripe Mug and Shibori Mug. Inspired by the indigo patterns of shibori and kalamkari, their simple forms made beautiful by the patterns they wear.

gifts with | humphrey and grace

These hand beaten copper wares are simply stunning. If you delve a little further into the ideas behind the designs, Ayurveda (a type of complementary medicine with origins in India) suggests that water should be stored in pure copper vessels such as this jug or a tumbler to drink from for optimum health benefits. Though I was drawn to their form as much as their function, both tactile and visually pleasing at the same time.

gifts with | humphrey and grace

I also love these handmade glycerin soaps, their scents are earthy and delicious. They would make a perfect token gift and are something a little unique. My favourite is May Chang and Bergamot though I also love the Himalayan Cedar + Oakmoss.

gifts with | humphrey and grace

And finally what about an Ancient Incense Set? Available in a gift box which includes everything you need to scent the air with Frankincense, including charcoal and Frankincense resin with a beautiful brass Dhuna in which to burn the incense. Another evocative item, the fragrance alone can stir the senses.

Good Earth can be found online at and the products I have shared can be found in the ‘tableware’ and ‘wellness’ categories. Gifting with Good Earth would be perfect for Christmas.

Julia x

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