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festive mini banners tutorial


festive mini banners tutorial | humphrey and grace

Recently I went to a modern calligraphy workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed it and came home with some ink, a pen and paper. I’ve been wanting to find a way to practise my skills and although I am a long way from being any good at it, this seemed a perfect project to have a go with. I have been sewing banners for a long time now and this is a simple variation, it’s so easy to do.

All you need is thick paper, a pen, some cotton or string (I am using embroidery thread from my cupboard, using up remnants from old projects) and a little tape.

festive mini banners | humphrey and grace

Start by writing the phrase or word making sure you leave some blank space around it. You could write in pencil first and trace over it or just go freehand. Use capitals, lowercase, a mixture of the two, anything that takes your fancy!

festive mini banners tutorial | humphrey and grace

Next trim around your writing to make a flag shape. The grid above is in cm and will give you a sense of the scale of mine but there is no real rule here, make it the size you would like. I have left around 1cm to either side of the writing and 4cm above and below.

festive mini banners | humphrey and grace

Score and fold a 1cm strip at the top of the banner on the reverse. Cut a length of cotton and tie a knot in the ends to make a loop. Then insert the loop behind the fold and tape down to secure.

festive mini banners | humphrey and grace

That’s it! You could make these any size and with any message you like. If you plan to make much larger banners you may need a length of wooden dowel to keep the top from folding but for little messages there really is no need. These can be popped into Christmas cards or giving as tiny gifts. You could decorate with wash tape or glitter, children can make these too! Why not pop a hand print on one as a little something different? Maybe draw a wreath or some festive leaves. Have fun!

I’d love to see if you have a go, simply use #12daysoffaffing in your caption and share your festive ideas!

Julia x

festive mini banners tutorial | humphrey and grace

P.S. all the flowers I have used here are in bloom now! I cut the roses from my garden this week, they may be a little weather beaten but they’re still beautiful. Crazy windy wet mild weather recently seems to have confused them a little. I’m not complaining…

I’m also adding this post to Silver Pebbles blog hop for making winter…



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  1. Brilliant idea Julia. Gorgeous styling and I love your calligraphy. I really want to go on a brush lettering workshop in the new year. xxx

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