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fading blooms


fading blooms | humphrey and grace

Some blooms just fade so fast don’t they? While others go on and on. Some foliage dries beautifully in the vase while others wilt and curl. I’m all for changing a purpose and using elements of a bouquet that maybe past its best as a whole, in other ways to prolong the life and enjoyment. And let’s be honest, everyone needs a bit of greenery in their life.

Obviously I am planning ahead with these posts and bought the beautiful blooms I shared earlier (find them here…) a while before Christmas. There will be more for the actual day but this bunch was looking a little weary after 7-10 days so I had a sort and play with what was worth saving…

fading blooms | humphrey and grace

The greenery had dried in the vase so I followed my friend Emma’s tutorial and made a festive crown. Of course you could make this with fresh foliage, it would be much more pliable as the leaves I used were slightly brittle but still pretty.

fading blooms | humphrey and grace

Then the remaining sprigs of trimmed flower stalks and foliage I popped into jam jars and used in the centre of the table with candles (also in jam jars) dotted between. Small and simple changes that move from the extravagance of Christmas to the more relaxed affair after the day is done.

fading blooms | humphrey and grace

How to you re-use and re-purpose? I’d love to see in the #12daysoffaffing gallery on Instagram. Simple is always a word I love, if simple and effective cross paths I’m pretty happy!

Julia x

Crown tutorial by Emma of A Quiet Style here


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  1. Gorgeous pics Julia. Nothing gives me more pleasure that reusing something lovely. And yes indeed, the simpler the better! Really enjoying your 12 days of faffing series xxx

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