DIY autumn leaf giftwrap with Papermash


DIY autum leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

There is something about wrapping with personality that I adore. Taking the extra few minutes to create an individual gift is so easy I’d recommend anyone have a go! All you need is paper, stamps (these autumnal beauties are from Papermash and are available here) an ink pad and a few minutes of your time… Not much is needed in the way of instruction, simply follow the pictures…

DIY autumn leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

DIY autumn leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

If you wish to make a matching gift tag then a single stamp in the corner of the paper can be trimmed and punched using a hole punch. It can then be attached easily using a little twine.
I have kept the leaf stamps close to each other as the box I am wrapping is fairly small and that’s the beauty of making your own giftwrap! You can fit the pattern to the size of the gift so easily.

DIY autumn leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

It is as straightforward as that! And who wouldn’t smile at such a seasonally wrapped gift? Of course the options are endless for trimming or not, coordinating a second gift with a different pattern or perhaps the acorn stamp alone?

DIY autumn leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

I have other stamps from Papermash in my collection and would thoroughly recommend a browse of their website for beautiful products and supplies, especially if (like me) stationery is your ‘thing’! You can find them here.

Happy crafting!

Julia xx

DIY autumn leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

Papermash have kindly sponsored this post, although all thoughts and ideas are my own


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  1. What a great post, Julia! I am guilty of just putting gifts in a nice bag and calling it a day but this looks like a lot of fun and has the added benefit of being much more thoughtful.

  2. Beautifully done! Especially since I have a particular fondness for acorns. I grew up on a street named Oak Ridge Road, so we always had them in abundance. Now I like them for display and crafts. Then they were pretend food and ammunition! ;)

    1. Thank you Christine! Thats such a lovely connection too, even the ammunition bit, we have the same association with pine cones since so many of them drop off the trees at the end of the garden, made me smile reading your comment xx

  3. Your paper looks gorgeous! I haven’t done any stamping in a very long time. Don’t think I dare click on the link – I’m a big stationery fan!!!

    1. Thank you Zoe! Its such a satisfyingly simple thing to do and, of course, you should absolutely click the link, Papermash has long been one of my favourite stationery shops… xx

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