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Using an app like Instagram for any length of time inevitably leads to periods of lower motivation or loss of mojo. If I’m honest I am in one of these lulls at the moment. There is nothing at all wrong with that (or you/me!) but one thing I find helpful is searching new hashtags, finding new hubs or accounts via community hashtags and with that hopefully finding inspiration and motivation by taking in trends or techniques I’d like to try.

community hashtags | humphrey and grace

Not only are these communities great as an encouragement, they also offer you the chance to be featured on the hubs page which in turn introduces new people to your account and (if you return the favour) introduces you to other accounts too.

I thought I would share a few I have enjoyed and used over time, starting with the dailies. It only seems right to start with @fatmumslim and #fmsphotoaday since this was the whole reason I started using Instagram. Although the challenge has evolved over time and she now no longer shares the daily choices on her Instagram page like she did when I played along… You can find out more here, I am not actually sure where she shares her selection now but what I would say is that there is a brilliant community of Instagrammers who support and encourage each other based around this challenge.

Other daily hubs worth noting who do share their features on Instagram are @365_today whose prompts are posted weekly, most recently here and have a unique hashtag each day. And then there is @my_365 whose most recent list of prompts can be found here also with a unique hashtag each day. On a slightly different tack is @jjcommunity who post their theme each day, look out for the announcements that are a little like this as they will include the numbered hashtag for the day. They then share images for the rest of that day which have been tagged. This hub accepts old photos as well as new, always a bonus if you haven’t posted a photo on the day!

Moving on to some weekly projects, and of course I am going to mention @its_my_week first as I was a founder member of this community. Themes run for a week during which time you can post a photo a day or a photo for the week or anything in between. The current theme can be found here. The community of Instagrammers who use this hub are the best, it’s the most supportive group and I am very proud to have helped build this one up. Unfortunately time and circumstance meant I had to step down but I recommend a look if you don’t play along already.

Instagram themselves also run a weekly hashtag project over the weekends, I’m sure you will have seen it, a new theme and hashtag each week though they have not put text on their announcement photos recently. No idea why but it does mean that the gallery tends to be a little smaller each weekend… And with that a higher chance of catching their eye but don’t count on it… This one is like the Holy Grail.

Also a quick mention to a few more weeklies with more specific themes. Of course there is #collectedsaturday which is mine, I’m sure you’ve heard of that before and if not I explained it here. Then my friend Emma of @aquietstyle runs #aquietstyle each Tuesday, essentially it is what it suggests, a place to share quiet moments and styled images. If you are a crafter then @allison_sadler_ runs #makeitsewcial on Mondays (lovely supportive bunch they are too) and if flowers are your thing then how about @emilyquinton and her #floralfridaycompetition. Even if you have nothing to share with these tags, I recommend you have a browse as there are some really talented people there. One last one, #fridayfaffingcompetition with @katherinedorrington. An excuse to style an image, always fun, and another I used to co-host and can honestly say has a lovely community.

Beyond these prompted hashtags there are countless rolling ones. From #emojisinthewild to #puddlegram to #jumpstagram. Some have associated pages and some do not but all are worth a scroll if you’re looking for inspiration and different accounts to follow. Then there are the hashtags associated with apps and companies. @vsco #vsco #vscocam or @pictapgo #pictapgo #pictapgo_app, find your app of choice, chances are they have an associated hashtag!

There are tags too numerous to mention here, so many people who run their own and if you know of any good ones please do share in the comments, I’m always looking out for ones I don’t already know. As I said at the beginning, I’m in a bit of an insta-lull at the moment… I would encourage you to search the hashtags, if you use the explore page they give suggestions of similar tags along the top of the results of your searches, another great way to find new tags. Instagram is a community based app, it relies on us visiting and commenting on others posts, keeping up the motivation and making it interesting is up to the individual. I absolutely believe you get out of this app what you put in…

Julia x


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  1. Lovely post. It’s all so easy to get over/underwhelmed by social media, and the stress of posting great content all the time. I also find it helpful to not post for a while, and just look through the wonderful hashtags and discover lovely new accounts… Really helps get the mojo back!

    1. Yes Emma, it really is isn’t it? So far this year I haven’t been posting as much and I have to say I’m really enjoying a little less pressure. Sometimes it’s just nice to observe as you say, thank you x

  2. Hi Julia! What a great discussion. Firstly, thanks for saying such nice words about @its_my_week. It was truly such a joy to start that forum with you, and I miss you there all the time. Secondly, I have to agree with what you said about how following and participating in various hashtags can really help build a community. I have met so many wonderful individuals that way, not to mention have found great inspiration through the hashtag projects. I look forward to checking out some of the ones mentioned in your post and the comments above. x

    1. Thank Christine! It was a privilege to set it up with you, I do miss it too. And yes, hashtags are really an integral part of the experience aren’t they? xx

  3. Such a lovely round-up Julia! I’ve had huge fun discovering some of the hashtags you mention, and I can’t wait to explore the others. Playing with hashtags has introduced me to some great feeds and pushed me to try new things with my photos. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. That’s great Abi! Thank you for taking the tine to have a look too, hashtags are brilliant aren’t they? One of the best ways to discover new people and projects I think xx

  4. Great post Julia! I Love to scroll through hashtag projects for hours. And I really like to see how they connect little communities within the big Instagram community. I highly recommend you #itsamoodywednesday #seekthesimplicity and # lifeandthyme
    xx, Johanna @beautelicieuse;)

    1. Thanks so much Johanna! Hashtags are brilliant for finding new people and projects aren’t they? I will definitely have a look at the one you recommended, sounds perfect. J xx

  5. Great selection, Julia.
    I find myself in one of those lulls too, at the moment. Though, I believe that it’s more to do with the post-Christmas crash than lack of inspiration. I just want to sleep! Ha!

    Some of my favourites are:
    #nothingisordinary_ for daily themes as well as #hiyapapayaphotoaday
    #mymondaymoodboard created by Jessica & Lucy {@jessicatrent @seasidelucy}. Exactly the spark that I need each Monday!
    #nestandflourish created by Olivia & Sarah {@xxbirdhouse @live_and_bloom} and they use monthly themes. This months is *BE* and what it means to you.
    #cherishandrelish_january created by Emily & Rowena {@allenandbear @flojoro123} and this is another monthly challenge aimed at sharing how you celebrate each month.

    All such lovely women who are creating fantastic communities! Xx

    1. Thanks Steph, January is just a bit lull-ish isn’t it? Its dark and gloomy and after the twinkle of Christmas it’s hard to find enthusiasm some days… Thanks so much for the list of tags, some I know already but some are new to me so I shall pop off for some scrolling xx

  6. lovely and informative post as always dear julia x we have started our own hashtag project as well which i am quite excited about, its been so nice to do the exercise myself and pause, and appreciate. although we still have to make the announcement so we can invite others to join in…that’s the scary part… xx

    1. Thanks so much Joi! And I’m excited to hear that you are starting a hashtag of your own, it will no doubt be beautiful! I’ll be looking out for your announcement post x

  7. I have being playing around with hashtags recently in attempt to regain the community I feel I have lost on Instagram. I definitely find it helps me reconnect with my audience but also discover new people and help them find me.

    1. Instagram is a fairly fast moving platform isn’t it? What was inspiring a few months ago can feel less so now. I hope you find some community again, I do find chatting with people helps keep it sociable (I know that sounds obvious) visiting galleries I haven’t before or some favourites who I don’t necessarily follow. Keep going though, it’ll come back soon enough xx

  8. I often lose my Insta mojo – it usually coincides with grey weather when there’s no light. I’m sure you will find yours again soon. I was looking for some new hashtags when your post popped into my Bloglovin feed last night. Thanks for the inspiration. I often have a look at what tags my favourite grammers are using – as they do change a bit over time. A personal favourite is #botanicalforagersunitedinc by the fabulous @smallacornsamanda. Bex x

    1. Thank you Bex, that’s a very pretty hashtag isn’t it?! I need to look into it a little more, thanks for the suggestion. January is not brilliant for feeling enthusiastic is it? After the rush of December, plus in our house it’s the busiest month for work so creativity is put on the back burner. Hope you find your mojo soon too xx

  9. Such a great post and a really informative selection Julia, I completely agree, joining these communities is the best way to be inspired and build up friendships xx

    1. Thanks Hannah, lovely to hear you agree too! And hey we are friends because of fms aren’t we? And the 365 challenges… Any hashtag suggestions? I need some inspiration

      1. We are indeed! Hmmm I can’t think of any other challenge ones at the moment. I always enjoy scrolling #onthetable, lots of pretty pictures there. I am thinking I ought to start my own, I just haven’t had any good ideas for one yet!

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