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Christmas Tree download


Well hello December! I am starting the festive season with the same (not so secret) excitement that I always do. I adore this season, the twinkle and sparkle and anticipation of it all. Spending time with people, gatherings and events and, oh, all of it. So what better way to begin the month than with a free Christmas tree download for your phone.

Christmas Tree | humphrey & grace

I have created an alternative Christmas tree for the last three years and this years version is a little more floral than the previous ones. I hope you like it too! It is formatted for iPhone screens though you may be able to crop it for other devices.

Furthermore if you fancy a handful of tutorials and ideas you can see some of my previous 12 Days Of Christmas posts here – I thoroughly (and unashamedly) recommend the spiced gingerbread recipe…. And then there’s the #12daysoffaffing gallery on Instagram, I started it 4 years ago and each year it fills with such loveliness that browsing it is a complete indulgence. I do hope you’ll join in this year too.

Heres to a happy festive time!

J x

And here’s the download link…


please note that this image is copyright owned by Humphrey & Grace and permission is for personal use only

if you can’t see it in your photo album try 14 November – the date it was created xx