keeping moments with Canon hdbook


One of my favourite quotes begins with this…

“While you are alive collect moments not things”

Aarti Khurana

And to that end, I am collecting some of my favourite family moments in a Canon hdbook because, quite frankly, I adore the idea of gifting a collection of moments. Yes I know the book itself is a ‘thing’ but a useful one to be enjoyed over and over again, a kind of time travel if you will.

keeping moments with Canon hdbook | humphrey & grace

It’s absolutely no secret that I love photographs. There are many reasons why, though always an element of being transported to a different time and place. They stir such strong feelings for me, I can get lost for hours searching the archives for a particular photo as inevitably there are hundreds of others I want to look at too. I’m not just talking about my online photographs here, but the ones I don’t share with you. The family moments.

I don’t print half as many as I used to though and it takes a concerted effort when I do get round to it. One of the advantages of digital photography is the ease of taking and storing photographs. The archives quickly fill with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of images. But there really is nothing like having you favourite ones printed as a physical memory there to be admired without any screen time or archive searching.

Putting together a photo book may be a time consuming thing but it’s always worth it. I love the process and have a folder of photos I want to print on my computer. I simply copy my favourites into it and once I’ve printed them I take them back out. I guess it’s a streamlined archive or sorts. This habit goes back a long way as digital photos grow in number so fast that cataloguing becomes essential! But that time spent creating the book is all part of the gift I’m giving here and I have a plan to give a family photo book to the parentals for Christmas. Now I know it’s reeeeeally early to be talking about such things but if it’s a thought on your mind, start now!! Collect your images and plan already because it’ll save so much time and stressful last minute panics later.

The Canon hdbook is unlike most photobooks I’ve seen. It’s printed on glossy photographic paper and the quality of the print is excellent. I tested it by including some of my photos with fine details and it picks them up nicely. The photo I used on the cover, for example, has the daintiest of wild flowers. It looks almost as good as it does on my high res computer screen. Another simple-yet-clever feature (could this be one of my favourite attributes to a product? Possibly…) is that the pages open and lay flat. Clever binding at work there!

keeping moments with Canon hdbook | humphrey & grace

The process of compiling the book is really very simple. There are many layout options for each page and you can add text to be printed too. There are simple editing tools for the pages and photos, you can preview and change your pages easily or save progress to come back later. It’s a very consumer friendly process.

You can see for yourself how the Canon hdbook works here. Maybe it’s time to start planning those Christmas gifts after all…? Collecting moments is a wonderful thing, and printing them as a reminder is worthwhile too.

J x

keeping moments with Canon hdbook | humphrey & grace

this post is sponsored by Canon hdbook, all thoughts are my own, it’s a very lovely product!


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  1. Looks like a really gorgeous quality book! I’ve been so disappointed with such books by other companies in the past so will definitely be trying this one next time. Also you photos – stunning as ever xx

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