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On Photography – the eCourse (coming soon…)


There has been a bit of a silence recently. I’m not going to lie, I’ve needed a bit of recharging after summer holidays and all that new term joy. You know the things, the open days and taster days and applications and oh-my-word GCSE info. That bombardment of new class info. We are also planning a garden building that has been time consuming and delayed. Then delayed again. Suffice to say I have been a little overwhelmed with life offline.

So this has had to wait. But not for much longer! I’m really just popping in with a date for you and a little more information about what to expect.

the climb – Canon 7d mkII 17mm f/7.1 ISO 250

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photography & instagram

finding creative inspiration


We are called to be many things in this online life. And alongside the more mundane, behind the scenes admin, the demand for creativity is constant. So how can you go about finding creative inspiration and maintain any kind of originality? How can you set yourself apart from the crowd?

This is a question I ask myself regularly. I am putting together my October calendar post this week and increasingly I have been wondering what sets my work apart, what makes my photos recognisable as mine? What makes my posts ‘me’? Because there are one heck of a lot of calendars out there now and you know what, I can’t exactly put my finger on anything other than they are how I want to see them. They have been through a couple of years development and they represent a bit of me. The colours, edits, writing. All representations of me.

September – Canon 7D mk II 17mm f/2.8 ISO 160

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photography & instagram

the long game


Have you noticed how things change and develop over time? All things? Like a field that is bare in winter, begins to show new life in spring. Maybe it flowers in summer, before it falls back to nothing in autumn? So too goes the long game of Instagram. The ebb and flow over years is somewhat different to the short game, the rush of beginnings when learning it is new and exciting. Yet frustrating in equal measure. When success can be measured in simple terms.

Over time our perspective shifts to that which seems to be whispered only by those who have experienced the long game, the undertone that can be more uncomfortable to speak of. It’s a conclusion I have seen people reach time and time again, when the lust runs out.

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photography & instagram

Chasing light | editing sunflare


If you know my photography at all, you will know how much I love chasing light. I guess many photographers do, light is our friend and learning to use it is a fundamental part of learning photography. Up until the last few months I would never have considered adding sunflare to a photograph in editing. Because it feels a little like cheating.

Then I was trying out the apps you recommended to me here, and I made a bit of a discovery. Editing sunflare can be done in a way that looks pretty natural. Who knew? I came across a set of filters that have effects so similar to the light I capture using the sun that I have lost many a happy moment since experimenting with them to see how natural I can make them look…

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Coconut & almond biscuit recipe


I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays. Plans and back up plans, some of which we will go out of our way to do and some of which I keep in reserve for quiet days at home.

Somewhere along the line, these plans invariably include baking. So I’m just popping in with this easy recipe from my family archives because I wonder if you might like to have it as a back up summer bake too. Though, if I’m honest, they’re worth a bake anyway…

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