a chat with a shopkeeper | Wanderlust Wares


wanderlust wares | humphrey and grace

Today I would like to introduce you to Wendy, owner and curator of online store Wanderlust Wares who specialise in homewares and accessories. You may have heard the name before as Wanderlust Wares sponsored my collected saturday giveaway in August and today I have asked Wendy to share a little more about the brand… Read More


styling the seasons | september


styling the seasons | september | humphrey and grace

I can’t believe its already near the end of September. I don’t really know how or when that happened but here we are with less than a week until October. I’ve been thinking about this post for a few weeks now and haven’t shared it earlier as I wanted it to be genuine. By which I mean a true representation of my home this month rather than contrived or curated. Actually if I’m honest I wasn’t necessarily planning to post at all…

I was driving home from Lewes this morning with a bunch of dried poppy seed heads and it occurred to me that one thing has happened this month consistently. I have collected dried things. So I’ll let the photos do the talking this month from a space in my utility room.

styling the seasons | september | humphrey and grace

styling the seasons | september | humphrey and grace

styling the seasons | september | humphrey and grace

Simple september details, as I wrote in my previous post, this month I have been enjoying the simple pleasures and little moments. These seed heads and blooms fit perfectly with that and as such make me smile.

Have a great weekend!

Julia x

styling the seasons | september | humphrey and grace

Styling the seasons is a monthly styling challenge run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and lots and can be found across social media under #stylingtheseasons








september | humphrey and grace

September. In some ways it is one of my favourite months (although I could say that of almost every month) except maybe for the going back to school routines, that I could live without! September has this amazing light, softer than in summer but not quite the same as winter. Somehow September has a glow about it… Perhaps that is due in part to the hints of colour, the beginnings of autumnal hues, not to mention the sun sitting lower in the sky. The mornings are often damp and misty, this weekend the air has been filled with the smell of bonfires. Autumn is knocking on the door and as we walked around the gardens at Sheffield Park today we gathered signs of changing seasons from the ground beneath the trees. It has been a warm day and while children climbed trees and played hide and seek, we sipped coffee. There may have been jam doughnuts too. Yes today has been a good one. Read More


a chat with an artisan | Mike and Nia of Rural Kind


It has been a while since I posted to this series, not for any particular reason other than holidays and beginning of school term. I am really enjoying getting to know those who craft and create, finding out a little more about the people behind the brands. For this months instalment I am chatting to Mike and Nia of Rural Kind who, as a two person team, hand make bags and accessories with great quality materials. I can honestly say so after having seen one of their bags for myself, their products are made to last. If you are looking for an investment piece that is functional, practical and well designed then look no further! I will let Mike and Nia explain a little more…

Read More


Uncle Wally’s raspberry jam recipe


True to form early September has been quite beautiful in these parts. Today is warm and sunny and while my mum is here for a visit we went to the local fruit farm. We wandered the fields a little, picked some beans and mooched a while. I have grown to love this time of year in many ways and one of the reasons is the abundance of fruit. We came across some rows of raspberry canes laden with juicy ripe berries and mum suggested a spot of jam making. Needless to say we came home with a very full punnet of fruit and without reference to a single book mum set about cooking. Read More