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Bryncyn | The Welsh House


bryncyn | the welsh house | holiday cottage

The end of school term. Everyone is tired. Life has been a fast paced sprint for the past 7 weeks and we could all do with a moment or two to catch up with ourselves… And what better way to do so than escaping to a well designed hideaway in Wales, wifi free and largely mobile phone signal free too. In an age of constant connection I find it thoroughly refreshing not to have the option. To step back and refocus and just enjoy being with my four favourite people. And so, with that thought in mind, we packed everyone in the car straight after school last Friday and drove almost 300 miles to Bryncyn, a beautifully modernised holiday cottage nestled in the Welsh hills. Read More


a chat with an artisan | Newton and Pott


I have been writing this piece in my head for a few weeks now. Not for lack of words, quite the opposite, I want to say so much! I first ‘met’ Kylee, founder and owner of Newton & Pott, on Instagram back in early summer. Kylee has a passion and talent for preserving like noone I have met before. Our first contact was during the pre-launch period of Kylee’s book The Modern Preserver, a beautifully written and photographed collection of more than 130 preserving recipes from jams and chutneys to cordials and syrups with a measure of infused alcohol along the way. (Sloe gin anyone…? Pictured above and steeping slowly in a dark cupboard waiting for Christmas.) A book now on my shelf with countless bookmarked pages to return to as and when the ingredients are in season. Read More


DIY autumn leaf giftwrap with Papermash


DIY autum leaf giftwrap | humphrey and grace

There is something about wrapping with personality that I adore. Taking the extra few minutes to create an individual gift is so easy I’d recommend anyone have a go! All you need is paper, stamps (these autumnal beauties are from Papermash and are available here) an ink pad and a few minutes of your time… Not much is needed in the way of instruction, simply follow the pictures… Read More

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taking a moment | images for instagram


images for instagram | humphrey and grace

Bear with me, I’m going to be a little bit honest here about taking images for Instagram. For a long time now I have been thinking about the perceived contrast between the bright white clean of my Instagram account and the busy, noisy chaos of my actual life. I have been asked in the past about just that, it seems folk consider it in some way dishonest to share the loveliest picture you can of a photogenic corner, that in some way it suggests what you see is not ‘real’ but I disagree. And here is why. Read More


Vera from Vanilla Pod


Vera from Vanilla Pod | Humphrey and Grace

And now for something a little different… Meet Vera, a lovingly restored 1970’s ice cream van owned by my gorgeous friend Tracey. I have known about Vera since Tracey bought her but not had the pleasure of meeting her until now. I’d heard of her escapades but hadn’t fully appreciated her feel good factor and I can honestly say, having been out for a drive in her, she would make anyone smile. Top speed, ummm, best not to ask though what she lacks in the speed department she certainly makes up for with charm. And ice cream vans aren’t about how fast they go are they? They’re about a little simple pleasure and in Vera’s case, bringing some cheer to your party or event. I’m going to let Tracey tell you her story… Read More