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Ok lets talk about Instagram, you may have noticed how much I love it. A small Instagram addiction is what I have and I’ll tell you why. You see I’m all about the visuals in life. I just like things that look good/pretty/interesting/appealing. That in itself encompasses so many possibilities so for now I’m going to narrow it down. Maybe later I will share what I love about other galleries and styles, maybe tips for composing an image although I’m no expert,  but first I would like to share a few thoughts on creating your gallery as a whole.

I’ve read posts like this before and what I think and say are not remarkable, just my thoughts on sharing a style of your own. One of the biggest and bestest tips to remember is to be yourself. Take photographs of what you love and edit them in a similar style to each other then you’re half way there. For my part I love pastel colours, light and bright edits, the beach and flowers. All these elements appear often in my gallery and tie it together.

Think about how images sit next to each other. Obviously they move as you post new photos but as you upload think what went previously and you will find your gallery gains a natural rhythm. I know people who use apps to plan their galleries and this works well for them, it can help you with the bigger picture. It is a useful way to see how your next photo sits beside the previous post and also the one that will sit beneath it. I don’t use this method but can see the merit in it if you are more organised than me… I do however play gallery games from time to time. I haven’t for a while but earlier this year I played a colour/white game for a few months. The chequerboard it creates is very effective when viewing a gallery as a whole but possibly a little restrictive if the photo you want to post next doesn’t fit the pattern…. It kept me entertained for a while though and I do like the overall effect on my gallery. Maybe I’ll play this one again soon.

juliabesidethesea | instagram | humphreyadgrace

Yes that’s a rare photo of me… Moving swiftly on.

You will find that your gallery has a natural colour palette, it happens organically and is a good thing when viewing in it’s entirety. I do take many more photographs than make it onto my Instagram page and believe it or not I love colourful and/or moody shots. Just not in my Instagram gallery. Instead I think of it more as a curated collection of images that coordinate and flow. This is fully intentional and worth bearing in mind. Of course it depend’s how you use Instagram, whether you are taking family snaps, playing along with photo-a-day challenges or just enjoying the community there is no right or wrong way, but I do think the overall feel of a persons gallery is often what attracts me to follow. Having a clear aesthetic or message is appealing.

Editing your photos also plays a role. A tidy gallery will have been edited a particular way. It matters not what app or filter you use, whether you vary the effect, much more that you have a consistent ‘look’ or ‘feel’ about your photographs. There is a theme here, consistency is key. But don’t be put off by this or turn it into a science, find a ‘look’ that you like and stick with it or evolve it over time…

There are a million and one thoughts and tips to be shared, how often to post? I think daily as much as possible. There are occasions when I post nothing and some days when more than one photo appear although they are often with purpose and rarely on a whim. Any more frequent and honestly, I wonder if followers will disengage a little.

Yes it is fair to say mine is a curated gallery. That’s how I like it BUT you are not me and you must post as makes you happy! As I mentioned above THE most important thing is to always be yourself.

I’ll leave it here for now, hopefully giving you just a little food for thought and a promise of more to come. One more screen grab, this is my favourite part of my gallery. It just makes me happy… There is a mix of subject matter, indoors, outdoors, still life, places, people…

Hope I haven’t bored you…

Julia x

juliabesidethesea | Instagram | humphrey and grace

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8 comments on “a thought about instagram”

  1. Hi Julia. You may know I am an avid fan of you on Instagram and so love the atmosphere and feeling that washes over me when I’m visiting your gallery. For a while now I’ve struggled with mine. it started as a place to share my here and now with my friends and family afar but as a lover of photography, still images, and pretty things who has had her eyes inspired by so many talented others on Instagram I have become quietly uncomfortable with the erratic appearance in my gallery. This is partly because my life is consumed with the caring for others and partly I am held back by the feeling that as a ‘no body’ on Instagram it would be egotistical to style and create the feel I desire. I’ve been searching for opinions on this matter…and just this morning as I lay in bed not quite ready to begin another day of being a mother to 3 young ones…I stumbled across this post and feel ready now to take the plunge and make my feed beautiful in my eyes and just because I want to. Thank you for writing it and the grid you showed that is your favourite space on your gallery is really exceptionally beautiful. x

  2. Hi Julia I stumbled upon your blog from your instagram, your IG is breath taking and just whisks you away to a gentler more simple time. I just started on instagram 10 days ago and have a long way to go.
    Please let me know your thoughts if you ever stumble on mine

  3. It has taken me an embarrassingly long time to tie your blog to your instagram, so I won’t say anymore.
    I love the photos you share, as a fellow East Sussex sleepy seaside town dweller it’s amazing to see the photos you consistently produce, and it’s always a delight to see your posts on my feed.

  4. Great post! I am trying to be more thoughtful in the order I post things in and how it will look as a whole. I find it so hard to view my gallery objectively though and not just feel I’ve fallen short compared to other people’s where the aesthetic is so much more pleasing to the eye. I’m all blues and outdoors though so I’ll probably only ever achieve a certain amount of flow, and I’ll have to let the rest go ;) I’m trying to balance being more thoughtful but not sapping the fun out of it for myself! And then not overthinking it all too much, ha! xxx

  5. Love this post, and agree with everything you say. For me, curation is key when I choose who to follow, and in my own gallery x

  6. Oh Julia you could never bore us! I adore your gallery. Its curated style full of intent is what I love. I always know a @juliabesidethesea photo when I see one, and I love scrolling through your gallery for that very reason – it is like walking around a gallery – a feast for the eyes. I totally agree about consistency/finding your own style and love to plan my gallery as a whole – although the odd one that doesn’t fit occasionally slips through when I get excited – but that’s all good! Mine has turned rather blue since I moved to East Sussex :)

    1. Oh thanks so much Zoe! I realise we all like different things but I am a fan of a gallery that flows. I just had a look at yours, the Sussex blues suit you well! The odd one, well, if I’m honest I think your gallery tells a story very well and odd ones can be a lovely way to change it up a bit can’t they? Have a great weekend xx

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