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the end of the summer holidays | humphrey and grace Today I have been collecting photos from 2015 in a folder to print. Updating the ones on the walls, adding some new ones and collecting a couple to send with festive thank you notes. At some point I said to Tony, ‘actually I think I’ve taken a couple of half decent photos this year’ to which he replied ‘yes! Unconventional ones’. No idea what he means…

Then I thought, since this is my favourite space, I’ll share a few here. Perhaps to give you a little snapshot of my family life, the place outside of Instagramology… Some of them I love because of their photographic merits (in focus/framing/lighting) though all of them I love because of the subject they include and the memory they evoke, be it sound, place, mood or all things other.

The photo above I took on the 2nd September, the end of the summer holidays. A beautiful, warm, sunny day at the beach where the tide rushes in once it breaches the rocks at the back of this photo. Millie and Ed were trying to catch the salty water in a moat, Anna was standing next to me telling them to hurry up because they might sink in the sea. In less than ten minutes the fort was gone and we were heading home… This day was one of my favourites of the summer, everyone was happy, we had been at the beach for hours and caught all manner of creatures in the warm rock pools.

beside the sea | humphrey and grace

Another beside the sea, August, Anna and Tony. We were watching Airborne (an annual airshow where the planes fly low over the sea and the town fills with people from all over, we love it) it was so busy behind us and this snapshot of calm and empty space is a total contrast but it was a happy day.

matching toys | humphrey and grace

This one just makes me chuckle. The day Anna’s outfit matched her dolls and the bunny matched the cushion. A moment to snap, of course…

window light | humphrey and grace

This boy, that window, the light. His eyelashes. This is possibly my favourite photo from the year.

wrap up | humphrey and grace

I have actually shared this photo before. Testament to how much I love it. As someone said along the way, her expression is just for me, that little smile and the happy eyes. For me. And I am happy to have captured this look to keep.

tall trees | humphrey and grace

In March we took Millie and Ed to stay in the New Forest. Each time we visit we do this walk, the tall trees walk on Rhinefield Drive. I try each time to find the same spot for a photo (I think I managed it, you can have a look here) although it was a different time of year so the reference points aren’t quite the same!

the lakes | humphrey and grace

Some places leave a lasting impression and the Lake District is one of them. This is the view of Cat Bells over Derwent Water, the scale of the view was impossible to really capture but I felt small, in the same way that I feel small standing next to the sea… We had the best time in the Lake District in May. It rained, it took over 10 hours to drive home and it’s still fair to say it was one of our favourite trips from the year (the other being Wales).

I’m looking forward to capturing more memories in 2016, trying out my new camera and maybe even taking a few more shots in focus!

Julia x



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