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12 days of Christmas | humphrey and grace

I absolutely adore the festive season. The twinkle and sparkle and magic of it all. I have always been this way, though since  having children of my own I have to admit I’m probably more in love with it than ever. Christmas through a child’s eyes is the best.

This will be the third year I have shared an alternative 12 days of Christmas on Instagram (above are last years photos). This year there are a handful of blog posts that will join the series too. I’m not going to lie, I’m EXCITED…

12 days was inspired by the old Christmas carol, a twist of the words and #12daysoffaffing was born. So what is it all about? This year it is a space to take a little time to be creative during December. The idea’s and tips are hopefully not time consuming or laborious, they are meant to be straight forward and enjoyable. But, more than that, it is an excuse to just be for a while and enjoy a creative moment in the whirlwind of consumerism, socialising and children’s activities (I have lost count of the number of carol concerts and nativities we have made costumes for and enjoyed over the years…) yes 12 days is for when you have a minute of calm.

This year I would also LOVE for you to join in. I am sharing a handful of my ideas and I’d be so happy if you have a go and show me the results, I haven’t had time for the origami of the last two years yet (keeping finger crossed that’ll feature too) but there are crafts and bakes and decorations to make. Equally though I would love to see your ideas, tell me what you craft and create at this time of year? My ideas are mainly with adults in mind although some translate well for the small people with help, show me your children crafts! Show me your makes. Lets all share and learn from each other hey?

Happy festivities!

Julia x


PS I am adding this a little later, I wasn’t going to say anything, but the hashtag gallery is full of random photos and I thought I would explain… Instagram featured my hashtag last Christmas Day, up til then I had used it ‘quietly’ in captions and on my own and then it filled up with all sorts of marvellous and a few bits of random… I’m aiming to make it festive again this year, will you help?



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  1. Oh Julia, these photos are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your suggestions :) I’ve got s big pile of Xmas pressies to make, so I’d better start sewing soon. This time of year just zooms away so quickly! xxx

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